Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Nativity story the right way!

Now I'm guessing everybody can not wait for Christmas because I can't but when most people think of Christmas they think of presents and party's and drinking but they never think of our saviour Jesus Christ's birth but when you stop and think you think what did really happen it has started whizzing round my head after seeing a video in church on Sunday about what really happened. So I am going to tell you what the video talked about. It started by saying the donkey carrying Mary could it just been a donkey because I could have been a cart that the donkey would have been pulling and that got me thinking. Then it started talking about the inn because you think of a hotel but in the translation the word inn means a house with a second floor that got me really thinking. After that it said he stable in those times it could have been a cave which got me confused about those times (in the time of Jesus). Then the three kings it only said in he song about kings but it says in the bible wise men and it started going on about there could have been more then three because it only said three gifts which really made me think "yes! there could have could have been more then  three wise men." Then started saying that the baby did not cry but all baby's cry don't they? which got me in a headache because of one video, then it had more to say in anyway it started saying things about the star and how it is still there even if the story has been changed so that got me thinking again,anyway after all that it got me to a conclusion the way we celebrate Christmas might be different but the reason is still the same so celebrate your Christmas the right way!

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