Sunday, 9 January 2011

a spiritual walk with god

Today is commitment Sunday and we have signed a card as we do every year. but this year was different really different the commanding officer or c.o as we call them made it different for us younger ones and started saying look back over the last year and think about have you grown in faith which made remember about all the times i grown in spiritual faith and i remembered the summer school i when to which was very spirited and i remembered all the good time i have had with my family doing stuff at my church and i remembered the walk with god that all Christians have and are doing right now and it made me smile because i am a person who keeps things to himself i can admit that getting back the summer school helped me a lot because i never talked about my faith to people my age because my church does not have many boys I'm the only one usually and summer school really help me with my walk because i was kinda veering of it and i got back on it. it make me think all about it and i just smiled and said that's the lord work for ya because he is here to save us all!

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