Wednesday, 29 February 2012

just relax....

this week has been most about thinking, lots of thinking. this week has been weird due to it being the complete opposite around today this may sound like complete gibberish, so im going to explain. it started around monday when i felt so alive after a wonderful day on sunday when i had another toronto blessing but this time my youth leader told my parents and my dad (who is also a blogger) had a wonderful christian talk and i got me thinking and i said to myself that i would blog about it...that didn't happen. tuesday came and my father asked if i had blogged, unfortunalty i forgot about it and done the same thing on tuesday as everybody knows it is now a wednesday and now i finally get up write something this got me thinking if i relax to much when i snap under stress (these past few weeks have been stressful due to coursework) and the answer to that question is yes i do but last thursday i redeemed myself by staying afterschool untill 5.00 catching up on coursework. after having a nice cup of tea i reckon i should get some sleep for a day of IT coursework to do tomorrow

sleep well fellow bloggers

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)


  1. hello SalvoSoldier just wondering if i could have some advice on becoming a better christian, i really want to know what you think. comment back!

  2. well if you don't vist your local church regularly, then i would if you can, vist your local church more regularly. check to see if there is anything you can do to help out your local church (they would be very greatful for what you do) and try and get others to becomes christians, by doing that your growing your faith and your growing your local church.