Monday, 2 April 2012

Introvert or Extrovert

Reading the title of this blog which one would you say you are? Looking at me I would say I am for definite a introvert. This week my dad (also a blogger) has been showing me pictures about introverts. And one really stood out to me it was a picture saying how to care for introverts with a list of rules. This really summed me up with what I want people to know. While at church yesterday I was talking with my dad and our C.O and I said about the picture and she said about two types of people, turtles and skunks, skunks being extroverts and turtles being introverts. When somebody is angry a extrovert will shout back like a skunk when it makes a stink up. A introvert will curl up and hope they leave them alone like a turtle when it goes back into it's shell. When I'm angry I do the same thing I put my music on, blocking myself from the world. I am a introvert and I'm proud of it!
felt like sharing this today

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)

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