Monday, 23 December 2013

Fish fingers and custard

Decisions, decisions, decisions......decisions.

To explain the mood that i am in, i would have to say....undecided. I came home from having a wonderful time round a friends house and frankly, i haven't the foggyest idea what i am or what i want to do? Am i hungry? Thirsty? Bored? Angry? Happy? Do i want to watch a DVD, if so which film from the mass category and genre of movie shall i watch? Sleepy, do i need i want sleep? Loved? In love? Have loved? WHAT DO I NEED?! If only i came with an instruction manual, i could look up the troubleshoot section and see if i need to be turned on and off again. What am i doing? breathing, drinking a fizzy drink, looking at a screen, typing. I'm so i really confused, is my mood confused. the reason i have named this blog post is due to the first appearance of the 11th doctor Matt smith playing the doctor he finds himself essentially stuck, stuck in a state of confusion that could be counted as undecided, finding himself hungry, the young Amy pond makes various dishes of food for him to eat, until he finds an odd companion to fish fingers.......custard. Anyway....this mood can kinda tell and explain my life right now, i'm undecided. undecided on where to go next or head back to? Am i going forwards with my life, backwards, sideways?

So many questions, so little answers.

Some answers would be great.....

John (SalvoSoldier)

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