Friday, 11 October 2013

Modern camouflage

I was on my way home from a frankly horrible day at sixth form, I decided to get off at the bus and walk through the shopping center through the town to get to the next bus stop (i take two buses to get home), and due to my bad mood i decided that i needed to be introverted. During my introverted state, i decided to block the whole world out and just think (mainly with blaring rock music), my mind gave me a question. Ponder this for a moment, if you had one super power....what would it be and why? you can guess by reading the name of the title what super power i decided. I chose to have modern camouflage, being an introvert i just dislike having to make small talk when i just want to be left alone, which i think most if not all introverts suffer from as well. Having the ability to just maneuver through a crowd and not get noticed. I pondered about the reasons why i would have this power...well to be honest, i have been getting noticed quite a lot recently, quite a few reasons. The first is that i have decided to let my hair grow a bit, i have now the ability to put it up into a pony tail, the downside i have been called so many look a likes, mainly the words Johnny Depp as i don't shave as much as i should do and have a wonderful mustache and chin hair to go with the look *sighs* *pretends to write note and speaks while writing* must, remember, to get a, shave. The second reason is that i'm pretty sure that my little sister is a extrovert, don't get me wrong she is a wonderful person to know, but she has a "loud" personality, which is a good thing but not exactly great for an introvert, so i get a lot of kids while i'm in an introverted state coming up to me in school and on the bus with the same question are you (my sisters name) brother. Which at first was OK, but now just kinda gets on my nerves (to put it lightly). I rather have recently been watching the BBC television show Sherlock, and their was a wonderful quote that said "The art of disguise is how to hide in plain sight" which leaped out to me, because my personal opinion of modern camouflage is the ability to hide in plain sight.

If you so wish, please comment on what your power would be and why and how would it be helpful? I would love to hear it! 

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)

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