Saturday, 19 October 2013

The american dream

Funny name for a blog post isn't it? It's funny really because i live and was born in the south east of England. Many people have heard the phrase, "I'm living the american dream!". The american dream was created during america's great wall street crash, and throughout the great depression. It was mainly a dream of freedom and a trouble free life, but it all came down to a common theme...happiness. The image that goes with this post is taken from the book, of mice and men. The book was written by John Steinbeck, it follows two men, Lenny and George, two average men working during the great depression, in the book they have a dream of having their own farm with a care free life. I won't ruin the ending for people who haven't read the book but the picture is somewhere near the start where they are camping by a river after a long day walking to the next job (a farm), and the thing that keeps them going is the dream, the dream of happiness. Now your probably thinking how does the american dream relate to a south east British teenager? Well everybody has their dreams and dream jobs, some people wish to be rich and famous, some of us what to be a change to society, and some of us want to be animals (don't ask). My dream job is to be a computer technician, i LOVE computers, it just amazes me how people can build such cool looking and fast computers. I have people say what's your dream to have experienced or have. I have though about it and i would have to say, happiness, sure i get happy and it's good to be happy but i'm not truly a happy person. Things go right and things...well lots of things go wrong. Over these few weeks it's like i have been taken 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I dream of a world where thing's don't go wrong and i'm internally happy, but the thing is, it's not real. That type of life isn't real, people say things are good but inside they know it's not. something will always go wrong and you have to accept it, fix it or if unfixable, move on with your life. It sounds depressing because it is. To explain life it's a bit like the Ying Yang symbol, where there is good, there is also bad and being realistic it's a constant battle of good and evil. But the thing is, if something didn't go wrong, living in a world where nothing bad happen or nothing needs to be fixed. We would get bored, we would be physically bored stiff. Their wouldn't be any hard work needed to be done because you would know it would go right. Motivation and determination to get things done wouldn't be needed and well we would be all happy smiling people with things going right, just imagining it, is depressing. So am i saying that bad things happening is it's not good but it's the thing that keeps us on our toes, i guess describing it. It's the thing that makes us work, the motivation to keep living. The determination to get out of bed.

In conclusion, bad things in life are just the road we take to reach the reward of that little spark of emotion called happiness. Which in my head just features Marvin the paranoid android saying "I think you ought to know i'm feeling very depressed"

Until next time bloggers and blog readers :)

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)

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