Friday, 11 October 2013

The Future (with a little tangent about my personality trait)

Have you ever heard the saying "what will the future hold for me?", or something along those lines? Today's Blog post is about the future. I have only recently woken up and checked my news feed on the popular social  networking site Facebook, today is one of the dreaded days for children who have recently left secondary school....results day. I remember my results day, it was a rather scary moment and viewing if i had the grades to get into Sixth form, well as you probably know from my previous posts i got in, but today looking at some of the status's, some was pleased about their results, some not so much. Over these few months where i have not been blogging, i have been thinking and researching, my father got me to take this test, it's called the Myers Briggs test, this test gives you a rough idea about your personality and the way you act in situations. If your familiar with this test your probably asking what category i am in, i am an ISTP. Most, maybe even all ISTP people take their lives one day at a time and don't tent to look towards the future that much, i can personally say yes, i try and take each day at a time because to be honest, the future scares me. When i say scared, i don't mean the future is a scary monster going to get me in my sleep or something. I mean that the future makes me worried about decisions, things like finding a job and education choices. Being an introvert, (The first letter in ISTP) I think thoroughly and sometimes too much, it could be about anything and everything, how situations could happen if i did this and what would be the reaction, apparently this is an advantage for an ISTP as if that situation occurs they have experience and have a rough idea what is going to happen. I personally can see a disadvantage that i have heard from a group that i am in on Facebook is that some ISTP's have the tendency to over think about things and need to stop. I have reached that stage before and it can give you a headache. This rough explanation gives you an idea why the future is personally scary for me and they way that i think.

To sum everything up, the future is scary and take the Myers Briggs test (it help you learn about yourself) it does wonders to help you learn about what makes you tick as a person.

Until next time Bloggers and Blog readers,

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)

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