Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fading in and out of the background

The thought for today is fading in and out of the background

Today has been another day in the bad week i have been having. Adding to my last post i have been thinking about a new post and finally found one that has just came to me after looking back at today. my week has been quite a depressing one. today i felt like i was fading into the background i felt alone i was talking to people but it seemed that they didn't really want to know. i think the unoticeable side seems to be growing like it a parasite. I seem to accepted that i try to be unnoticeable but today i didn't really want to be unnoticeable. it seems that being unnoticeable it a gift but also can be a curse or that i am having a bad week.

To conclude i think i need some sleep and need to really thing about this quite alot, and i think im just having a bad week.

Night blog readers

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)

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