Saturday, 26 November 2011

review of this week

I felt just now just summing up with my week after posting some really depressing posts. The first thing is that i want to say is that i have worked out that i was just having a bad week. The second is that i am fine now but im just have a stinking cold right now which don't help (little joke there). The third thing is that i'm really happy to have a wonderful girlfriend who has helped me in my really bad week (who is also in my profile picture for blogger), i have no idea where i would be without her. anyway i just felt summing up this week hoping i haven't made anybody feel bad. Being unnoticable can do this to me. Just one more thing i wanted to say anybody who is reading this and is thinking of starting a blog i just want to say is put what you feel when writing it really helps when you need to speak out. after putting this advice into action i have posted more blog posts than i did last year in a entire week.

To conclude this week has been bad but with a turn around at the weekend. Wow to i love weekends they are the best and most helpful.

In a good mood.

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)

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