Tuesday, 22 November 2011


My thought for the day is unnoticeable. I was thinking about this on my way home today due to the darkness making me unnoticeable. Most people know that i'm a person who likes to keep to himself and stay unnoticeable, I think being unnoticeable to people helps me with the sort of character that i can guess that people think of me. To help understand what I mean i will give some background infomation, In my younger years and abit now i was and am still a easy target to annoy and bully, It started in year 3 after a good friend of mine who used to stand up for me left to go to another country. So after my friend went i became the easy target and this went on untill year 6 after i left the school and then went to my secondry school that i still go to i started to become unnoticeable i stayed out of people's way and kept a low profile but some how they allways found me out. while becoming unnoticeable i kept and now sometimes do show no expression on how i really feel which is a part of being unnoticeable which was hard for the teachers to work out that i was being bullied, that was untill in year 8 that when something big happened they ask me if i was being bulling and then finally i had to speak out on how i feel. Even writing this blog entry i am finding this quite hard to write down how i really feel. In year 10 i got to know a friend who was knew to the school who tried to make me in his terms "come out of my shell" which in my terms after that year "failed really badly" I am a person who keeps to himself, and works best when im on my own and also when im left alone and im not going to change that. I think that the way that i feel also affects on how i dress, my basic dress sense would be jeans and a hoodie. I like wearing hoodies because of two reasons:
1.They are warm
2.I can shield my facial expressions more easily when i need to
To summerise this paragraph of text, I like being unnoticed and i have accepted that i keep to myself, I don't useally care what people think of me and i like hoodies for different reasons. It seems that im at my best when im not seen or heard by people.

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)


  1. I like the hoodies and the how to be unnoticeable
    i think you have an awesome personality

  2. thank you for your comment. it's nice that people read my blog, i hope you carry on reading and enjoying in future. also thanks for saying that my personality is awesome, im sure that your is to.