Saturday, 19 November 2011

The past

I think looking back at today i would say my thought for the day would be "the past". my day has mostly been helping my church with manning a stall for their Christmas fayre and then i spent some time with my girlfriend shopping and spending time with her, we went to this christian book shop and looked around it and she bought some Christmas presents for her family and the woman round the counter was a very nice person and she reminded me of a person called melanie that i knew when i was in my first year of secondary school anyway we walked out and walked down the road until my brain kicked in and i asked my girlfriend for her receipt and i read at the bottom the cashiers name which was Melanie. I rushed back and asked her if she went to my school which she replyed with the words "yes" i asked her some more questions an i found out that it was the melanie that i knew when i was younger, and we chatted for half an hour and catched up on old times at my school and i then invited her come sometime to my church which has left me in a good mood and i thought that i would talk about it today i just hope that she maybe come for a meeting.

Today has been a massive turn around from this bad week i have had.

 SalvoSoldier (John Machan)

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