Monday, 28 November 2011

Glass box

The thought for the day is "glass box".

Today once again another depressing day, things going wrong and people being annoying. During my lunch i got really annoyed with people and just needed some time to recover my thoughts, so i walked up the metal stairs near where we usually congregate and i looked out and down at everybody was in their little groups chatting and only 2 people noticed and starting being annoying by jumping up and shouting then went to back with what they was doing. and it made me think i wished that i could go into a little glass box and just watch things just past by as if it was nothing. being unnoticeable can be good and helpful like when you want people to leave you alone. but the bad thing is that when you want to be noticed it just doesn't happen and you feel locked inside the glass box. while up on that metal staircase it felt good to be alone it felt relaxing and all i could feel the gentle breeze.

To conclude it seems that this is only the start of a bad week. I have idea's on what is making me depressed and i think i should really talk to somebody about this. The good thing is that i am coping and should really be looking on the good side, the problem is I'm questioning if there is ever a good side on anything.

SalvoSoldier (John Machan)

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